Hello and welcome to missy bluebird 🙂

My name is Cheryl and the purpose of this blog is to share a journey of health, happiness, great food and love for nourishing your body as a whole. In this modern, fast paced life it is difficult to navigate what is right for you own body and mind. I hope through sharing my own journey, this blog can help to guide you through that haze and really enjoy a wonderfully inspiring life !

I have travelled the world from hostel to Los Angeles red carpet and loved every moment of it. The gifts that travel has given me are unmeasurable and there is little more ( well maybe getting in to my kitchen and veggie patch ) I enjoy than immersing myself within a culture; experiencing it’s food, language and beliefs. Meeting new people and experiencing the unknown can be so enlightening and I encourage all to do so !

The birth of this blog, came about after such a trip to Canada and America 3 years ago. Bluntly put, I became very ill. The poor gut health I had always suffered got a great deal worse and suddenly my joints and muscles were inflamed too. I was having multiple seizures and my anxiety went through the roof. I was a mess ! After a plethora of doctors and hospitals (and a lot of frustration !) I finally stopped and realised I had taught myself to ignore my body and its needs ; what could be worse ? Further more I did not know how to feed myself whole foods and had forgotten my passion for real ingredients, spending time in the kitchen and remaining mindful. Somewhere along the line I had forgotten myself ! I decided to change that and share my journey with you. Bluebirds fly over the rainbow, so why can’t we?

Fast forward to now ( November 2015 ) and I have rekindled my passions and discovered new ones, learnt so much about real nutrition and taking care of your whole being. I have shared a little with you as I struggled through, but now I want to share more ! The journey is just getting exciting. I work in travel ( almost 9 years now ), but I am finally realising my dream and have begun studying a Bachelor of Health Science ( Nutrition and Dietetics ) at Endeavour College. Very exciting.

Last but not least, I am a busy girl and would be lost without my two boys Sam and Oscar ( fiancĂ© and pooch ). Their encouragement, love and constant desire for walks in nature ( well at least one of them .. ) are what keep me grounded. At the very least they are my chief taste testers ! I can’t imagine another dog loving quinoa more than Oscar !

Please keep in mind this is intended to be a purely positive space.  I am not a qualified nutritionist ( yet ), chef, photographer, journalist or yoga extraordinaire ! So please be kind, share your own experiences with me and hopefully find a little inspiration.

Live, Love, Wonder …

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