Proceed with purpose ..

Oh my it has been a very long while since I have found the time to blog.  To say I have missed it is an understatement. However I had to relearn how to learn; a journey that already has given me a great deal of satisfaction.  I’ve discovered the beauty of history, healing and the wonders of our beautiful bodies. Don’t ask me about the math .. but the science behind nutrition is almost as exciting as that perfectly nourishing recipe ! Almost.

If I am honest, with my starting on campus in a weeks time there may be a few quite weeks from me again… yet I wish to share an exciting new project of mine and one I intend to incorporate on this beautiful, free speaking space that is missy bluebird ! Life is a journey in finding that level of happiness where we no longer question our hurdles, moments of joy or grief .. but embrace them as a moment to grow.


Every year the company I work for runs a 12 week challenge. I confess, Not being overweight and often lacking energy I have always felt I have never had the ‘right’ to take part in this. Granted I eat pretty well and have over the last few months begun to install a holistic exercise program that has me excited … and (gasp) helps me with my gut health; but I could cut back on the vino (gasp again)… and really understand the vitalistic as well as mechanistic benefits of a lifestyle dedicated wholly to wellbeing. Thus I excitedly signed up and began the challenge on the 25th January.

One week ago I fractured my ribs. Not awesome and I have literally spent the last week hurting bad, struggling to breathe and hating on my body, my life and the cosmic universe for knocking me down so early in a challenge that has literally taken me 9 years to be in a place to take part in. I ALMOST gave up on the whole idea. However a moment of clarity hit me just yesterday as I began to pull myself out of a depressive, poor me, funk. With this injury I get to learn even more about my bodies ability and grow, explore and set goals that I can gauge by listening to the strengthening of my own body. Of course this means nourishment of mind and body, after all you cannot do one without the other.

Now … during this moment of clarity one thing really called wrung true to me. Despite my ‘best efforts’ I was not happy … at all. Anxiety plagues me, self doubt is my best friend … and I too often live in the past or future .. quite forgetting the grateful moments of the present. Further more .. I am still not healthy. Me and my gut still battle on a regular basis with one another. Perhaps the two are linked ?? I think so .. and if you want to get chemical about it  ( and we will ) so does some of the worlds leading physicians.

Old Way, New Way

Thus my big project is to take this 12 week challenge … to set me up for a full 12 months dedicate to finding the balance. For the next 10 weeks I shall share a mantra designed to inspire you, me and anyone else that might happen upon this space. From there we will expand and ultimately live the best year of our lives. Its never too late to star .. we do not have to wake for a Monday morning, new year or new month. The moment is now.

Thus this week  mantra is “Proceeding with purpose … “. For now I wish to leave it at that … as I wish you to think about what that means to you. I know what it means to me. Journal it, write it on your bathroom mirror, meditate on it … do what works for you … and I will be back midweek to discuss what it means to me… and share an amazing aussie inspired recipe. Remember to check out in the my instagram feed … and proceed through each second, each minute of each day in this week with PURPOSE.

Live, love, wonderMissy Bluebird




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