A ‘new’ direction.

Warning ! This may be a slightly drawn out post, but I hope my sharing it with you gives you some inspiration to live a stronger, happier life and be true to yourself and dreams. Lofty goals !

It has been almost 2 months since my last post … and oh boy, realising that really causes me to truly appreciate all that can happen in two months. Time is precious and whilst we hear it so frequently in various formats … we really must strive to make each day, week and month count.

Be kind, interact, love and nourish your whole self. Such simple concepts, but things we so often forget when caught up in trying to make life work. The irony is, if we do these things we find that balance !

2015 thus far has been a year of growth for me. Its been both rewarding … and down right difficult. I confess the last 2 months have been perhaps the most challenging this year. Both financial strains and very poor health have taken a forefront, leaving us no choice but to have to cancel our two week trip to Bali in October and revaluate many other plans. What is it that they say …? “when it rains, it pours ..”. In the last 2 months I forgot myself and down right gave up.

Now this may seem superficial to some and I confess I felt embarrassed by quite how depressed and hopeless I felt, after all I have endured far worse. Then I stopped and allowed myself to admit how much hope and perseverance the idea of this holiday alone had given me, throughout the pain, worries and exhaustion of 2015. When dealing with chronic or any illness, hope and plans for more enjoyable times are even more significant. These past months I have learn’t the importance in forgiving yourself for the way you feel and allowing yourself to feel this way, so that you can come back stronger and wiser.

My beautiful Gran (very catholic) often said god did not give us challenges to hurt us, but because he knew we could handle them. This from a women who went through a lot in her far too short life. Now I am not sure which higher being I believe in, or even if I do at all, but the message is still the same. The mind is an extraordinary thing and can pull us through even the hardest of times.

I am grateful for the last two months. I have learn’t more about strength, weakness and the importance for asking for help. Ultimately it has given me the push to really evaluate and consider how I wish to live my life. Stressed, sick and despondent is certainly not it. I started this blog in a decision to not struggle through illness anymore and share that journey, whilst I have achieved this in some ways I have not really been able to commit for fear of failing. This latest bout of struggles has given me the courage to really head in the direction truly desire with this blog, my life and goals.

Thus, exciting news ! I have begun to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) at Endeavour College. Already I am loving studying my first subject online and cannot wait to really get in to it, on the Adelaide Campus next Semester. I am thrilled to finally take big steps on a journey I have been crawling along for so long. I know that juggling my health, work, home and study will present it’s own challenges, but with focus and planning I will succeed ! I am so passionate about nutrition and healing the body as a whole so that we can live with vitality. and enjoy all life has to offer Now that I have made the decision and begun it seems so silly I thought about it for so long !

So, with that – I am heading in a direction, perhaps not a entirely new one but with more determination than ever. I wish to commit to missybluebird.com being my platform for that journey once again. I cannot wait to share what I learn .. and of course offer up some delicious recipes too. Illness will never again be my focus, wellness will be.

Live, love, wonder .. Cheryl


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